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865 - 436 - 4907
A commonly asked question in  the office is, “How do I  schedule a Mass to be
said for  someone?” Perhaps you were  wondering the same thing. Each Mass
celebrated at St.  Mary is offered for a specific  person or intention. Anyone
can  request that a Mass be  celebrated for a friend or family  member, whether
living or  deceased. One of the Sunday  Masses each week is offered for  all St.
Mary parishioners. (That  means a Mass is said for YOU  each week!) Masses
are often requested  when someone has died, but can  also be scheduled for
someone  who is ill or even as a gift for an  anniversary or other special  
occasion. Often a meaningful date will be requested , such as a  birthday or
date of death. These  requests are honored if at all  possible. In the Diocese of
Knoxville, the  parish receives a donation ($10  is suggested at St. Mary) to
help  offset the cost of candles, hosts,  and other supplies used during  the
Mass. When you schedule a  Mass, you have the option of  requesting a
notification card to  be sent to the recipient or to his  or her family. To
schedule a  Mass, please call or stop by the  Parish Office.